..and they’re due tomorrow.

So, tonight I had a mini-heart attack. First of all, I’m in the library because the wireless is infinitely better than the internet connection in the dorm rooms. But aside from that, Omeka went down for a little bit tonight. Talya, Andrea and I, who were all conveniently working on Omeka at the time, suddenly had that pleasure of inserting metadata and exhibit information taken away from us. For some reason, Omeka told us we didn’t have it installed and for about 25 minutes, we couldn’t log in to work on anything, nor could be look at the exhibits by clicking the link on our website. So, needless to say, we all went into panic mode. Luckily, Andrea checked it at the right time and everything was working again. So all the metadata is now done (so I’m told) and the only thing left to be uploaded to an exhibit are transcriptions 4 and 5 which Lisa is sending to me ASAP. Once that’s uploaded, everything is done. Scary to believe we actually made it to this point. To be quite honest, I was worried most of the semester about how everything was going to come together, and for a while I didn’t believe it would. So to be where we are right now feels pretty good and it is a huge relief. I just can’t wait for this project to be finished.

Oh, and once again, my apologies Dr. M for the 60 emails I’ve sent you today.  I wouldn’t be surprised if you blocked my email address at this point.


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    I’m sorry. Who are you? 🙂

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